In elementary school, I wrote my first essay using Adobe InDesign. This was not a choice but the result of my family only having an old Macintosh as our rarely-used “home computer” setup in our garage. It was previously used for my father’s pre-press job at the Los Angeles Daily News. Despite initial dread over text boxes and manual typesetting, I discovered the creative power it held. As I navigated through education, creativity became my forte, expanding beyond graphic design to other activities such as baking, photography, and even home improvement. Self-taught in many ways, I embraced troubleshooting, finding unmatched joy in stirring emotions with my creations. 
Hi, I'm Sam Huambachano, a first-gen college graduate and a friendly, experienced designer, specializing in brand identity and packaging. I'm your go-to creative pal, always eager to embark on impactful journeys, no matter how challenging they may seem.

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