In elementary school, I wrote my first essay using Adobe InDesign. This was not a choice but the result of my family only having an old Macintosh as our rarely-used “home computer” setup in our garage. It was previously used for my father’s pre-press job at the Los Angeles Daily News. I had initially dreaded the process of creating text boxes and manually setting type but quickly learned that I could use it to my advantage. As I continued through my education and life, I excelled in projects that allowed me to incorporate creative technologies. I began to embrace the process of bringing my ideas to life, which eventually expanded beyond graphic design into areas like baking, photography, and even home improvement. Being self-taught, I went through plenty of troubleshooting along the way, but the feeling of my end product stirring emotion and sparking joy to an audience was unmatched. Today that is still something I strive for in all my work.

My name is Sam Huambachano. I am a first-generation college graduate and a multi-disciplinary graphic designer with an emphasis on brand identity and packaging design. I am a trusted friend, and I am always looking to create something impactful no matter how challenging the journey ahead may look.

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